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IAAMM is committed to upholding highest ethical standards in the entire process for paper submission, selection, and presentation and all the participants are required to read and comply with the present ethical guideline:

Authors are obliged to submit solely their own original research work to the conference. Authors should be limited to individuals who substantially involve in the research/study conception / design, data collection, data analysis / interpretation. Other individuals who have contributed to the study but not satisfy the criteria of authorship should be acknowledged in the paper.
Authors must ensure that the paper submitted was not published before or under publication process elsewhere. The same applies to the translation of the paper and paper’s content in any language other than that of the paper.
Verbatims, duplicate, copies and/or redundant publication will result in an instant rejection. Authors are responsible to disclose originality information of the paper, including respective contributions of all individuals. The use of materials from other resources (including their own published literature) should be clearly cited and quoted and get the permission of copyright holder where required.

All authors must read and approve the final version of the manuscript for submission and publication.
In the unfortunate event of incompliance with the present guideline being discovered at any time, the culprit will face the consequences. In such cases, the secretary of the conference has the full power of attorney to act based on the designated rules and regulations and no disclaimers can be accepted.
IAAMM adopts IEEE Code of Ethics when treating the paper submission process. You can read more about that HERE.

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