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Today, with the introduction of the art element in various fields and areas, the needs of the audience and the target community in each area have changed. In the automotive industry, we have gone through a period when only the power and output power of the car was the criterion for choosing a car by the customer. Now, the beauty factor and the appropriate and eye-catching body design have been added to the customer's wishes, and this in itself conveys the importance of paying attention to industrial design and the place of "art" in this industry. Respect and consider this request, as the proper and principled design of the car body will not only bring more beauty, but will also help the proper performance of the car.
Today, car body design is known as a basic and scientific knowledge and with the help of tools such as market design software has created a very exciting and competitive.

Accepted software: 
SolidWorks, CATIA, Inventor, NX
The first person is one million tomans
The second and third person 500 thousand Tomans

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