Second international Conference On Industrial Applications of Advanced Materials and Manufacturing (IAAMM) will be held in Iran University of Science and Technology on July 2022.


Advanced material is a key element in technology development and wealth creation in countries. Advanced materials Technologies are including metals, ceramics, polymers and composites and advanced manufacturing processes. Developing of most advanced technologies (such as aerospace, renewable energy, microelectronics, biotechnology, etc.), depends on access to advanced materials and technologies related to it.



Industrial Materials are rapidly developing in addition to conventional applications in various industries in the design and manufacture of advanced materials. Examples of advanced materials are: New magnetic materials with superior properties, the use of Base metal, plastic and ceramics composite materials, advanced materials through intermetallic compounds, alloys that can replace the use of human organs, Creation of lightweight alloys for the production of sensitive components, design and manufacture of high-temperature alloys and hard alloys that are used in special circumstances.


Choosing the materials has become a strategic part of the industry in a world where for each particular application, we are faced with a wide range of materials. Nowadays more than forty thousand metal alloys are applied and the number of non-metallic materials (Polymers, ceramics and composites) that are used in a variety of applications, is probably close to this number. The number of materials and multiple processing paths which are facing engineers as well as the interrelation between different parameters and selection of suitable materials, makes it difficult for the intended usages.


According to international competition the importance of material selection as part of the design process, is steadily growing. All products from airplanes and automobiles to computers and toys should be produced. Manufacturing Engineering is a science and art of making quality products with reasonable cost.

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  • Early Article Acceptance Deadline: 30 April 2022
  • Final Article Submission Deadline: 11 July 2022
  • Conference: 20-21 July 2022

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