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1st Iran Congress on Industrial Applications of Advanced Materials and Manufacturing is going to cover some targets as follows:

*                       Scientific and cultural goals                AWT IMAGE

  • Develop scientific constructive competition in usage of materials and advanced manufacturing in various industries.
  • Honoring Tech and problem-based activities associated with the use of materials and advanced manufacturing in various industries.
  • Introduction of Congress elects to relevant organizations in order to use them in the right opportunities, entrepreneurship development and employment.
  • Promote the spirit of teamwork, cooperation and constructive competition among students in academic activities.
  • Access to methods and implementation plans in line with modern methods of manufacturing and application of advanced materials.
  • Targeting student projects related to materials and advanced manufacturing and applying them toward commercialization.
  • Helping Students to learn practical aspects of industrial activities.
  • Providing the latest scientific findings and research on the use of materials and advanced manufacturing in various industries.

*            Industrial purposes                                    AWT IMAGE

  • To maximize the relationship between industry and university.
  •  Making Students familiar with the organizations, activities and projects related to Congress (ongoing and future programs).

*           Industrial and practical training                 AWT IMAGE

  • Workshop on national and international standards by standard institute faculty.
  • Congress workshops on related topics.

*                  Performance targetsAWT IMAGE

  • Universities pay more attention to patents than scientific articles.
  • The Permanent Secretariat of the Congress by University of Science and Technology Management.

It is hoped that in this Congress Instead of the outdated production methods, effective steps to be taken toward the challenge of recycling and alternative materials and methods of construction, with the benefit of further cooperation with organizations, companies, groups and active individuals In the field of materials and advanced manufacturing industries.

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Important Dates

  • Early Article Submission Deadline: 9 April 2017
  • Final Article Submission Deadline: 10 May 2017
  • Conference: 24-26 May 2017

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